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Most people think ahead to purchase Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance before they need them... So why not invest in some Food/Survival Insurance??? Few people think ahead to prepare for Natural or Man Made Disasters and then often wish they did afterwards. Food/Survival Insurance is simply preparing for an emergency situation. Most people assume the Government will swoop in and help everyone... When the fact of the matter is the Government is often over welmed at first, making it hard to efficiently help everyone quickly. THE ONLY PERSON YOU CAN TRUELY DEPEND ON IS YOURSELF!!! In most large scale emergency's the local food supply can run out in only 3 days and medical suppies can be scarce. We at SurvivalParty.com which is owned & operated by RANTECH, INC. are dedicated to educating and preparing people to help them survive. We know that your families well being is your number one concern.


Once You Are In An Emergency Situation... It's Too Late To Prepare!!!  

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